Gender Based Violence Projects

Protecting woman, children & any vulnerable person
against GBV & violence

Gender Based Violence – The Problem

GBV is out of control in South Africa. During the first quarter of 2022, 10 818 rape cases were reported. Every 8 hours a woman is raped.

The SAPS identified top 30 hotspots of GBV and rape can mostly be found in township, informal settlement and rural communities, where victims of GBV have limited access to technology and GBV response networks.

Limitations such as literacy, access to internet, connectivity and infrastructure challenges means that unique multi-pronged, long term systemic interventions are needed to reduce and prevent GBV and rape.

The latest SAPS statistics.


People murdered in SA between Jan-Mar 2022. Average of 70 per day each day.

43 090

Assault GBV cases reported between Jan and March 2022.

13 205

Sexual offences reported between Jan and March 2022.


Rape cases reported between Jan and March 2022. Average of 147 each day.

+ 38 Million

Live in Townships, Informal settlements and Rural Communities and have NO access to private security.

How does Memeza help GBV victims?

Memeza empower victims through deployment of innovative technology, linked to SAPS, Community Policing Forums & SA's largest Private security network, combined with awareness campaigns and female job creation opportunities.

What Impact Have we made?


Reduction of Sexual Offenses


Vulnerable people equipped with Community Alarms (Nationally)


Vulnerable Woman equipped with Personal alarms (Nationally)


Woman & children reached


Reduction in Murder rate

How do we practically help GBV victims?

We use a variety of technology to link GBV victims and vulnerable people to response networks.

Memez’s response networks include the following, activated at the press of a button:

    1. 24x7 Control centre support, making direct contact with the victim in the time of need.
    2. Physical Response networks are sent to the victims assistance if in need includes the following: (the closest responder is sent)
      1. Public Response: SAPS and CPF
      2. Private Response:
        1. +2 500 Response vehicles
        2. +5 400 Security Responders
        3. +600 Medical Responders
        4. Coverage 9 Provinces

All Projects are deployed with relevant Awareness campaigns and Community based Imbizo’s and Launch events, ensuring media coverage are included for sponsors.

Use technology and awareness to empower victims,
with a direct link to emergency community response networks.

Gender Based Violence

What are the types of technology do we deploy to victims?


Memeza Community Policing Alarm

Memeza developed South Africa’s very first public alarm system, which enables GBV victims, or any vulnerable person to at the push of a button let their family, friends, neighbours, SAPS and Community Policing Forum Members know if they are in trouble. The device works via SMS, communicates the victims address and details to the linked response network.

The Community Policing Alarm has proven to reduce murder rate by 9% and Sexual offences by 26% during an extensive pilot deployed in Diepsloot, JHB. See below testimonials from users of the alarm system:


Memeza Personal Alarm

The Memeza personal alarm is a deterrent. It is a small hand held device that makes a sound of 140 decibels. This small device has proven to reduce Sexual Offences up to 67% where deployed in large quantities in vulnerable communities.

Safer City

Memeza SaferCity Mobile Panic Application

This affordable panic application provides victims with security and medical response at the touch of a button. This mobile application combines the latest tech that helps link a victim to family and friends, as well as South Africa’s largest private security response network. It is not only a GBV panic button, but also a tool that GBV victims can use to chat to support networks and Social workers.

Response network partners

Safer City


Community Alarm System:

"A girl asked to sleep over at a friends house. The next day the parents and community members came to the house to protest that the girl was raped. We pressed to alarm system panic and the police came in less than 10 minutes and saved the guy from mob justice and took him to the police station. I am the luckiest to have a Memeza Alarm system”

  • Angel.

Community Alarm System:

"One of my tenants shacks was on fire and I rushed to press the panic button of my Memeza. The police assist us in getting the fire fighters. This happened at 2am in the morning"

- Lucy

Personal Alarm system:

“I was walking home from school and 2 men were following me. When I got scared, I pulled my Personal alarms string and it made a very big noise. The 2 men stopped following me mediately and turned into another street”

Partners who help us reduce GBV