Responsible Alcohol use & Trade

Improving the irresponsible use and sale of alcohol in South Africa.

The Problem

7.5% - 31.5 % of South Africans have an alcohol problem.
Irresponsible alcohol consumption is a contributor to interpersonal violence.

How does Memeza help the liquor industry and Government address social ills?


Liquor Trader Compliance Survey programmes, combined with escalation, action and enforcement of compliance working with SAPS, CPF, Community Wardens & Liquor boards & Associations.


Pedestrian/Patron/Community safety programmes, combined with escalation of dangerous situations and relevant action, working with SAPS, CPF and Community

Memeza Community Safety prides its self with being the go-to implementation partner for the liquor industry to ensure responsible trading.

Our team is highly skilled to implement the following for all industries.

Outlet Trade Compliance Surveys

Behavioural Change Studies

Facilitating digital Focus Groups

Surveys in the hard-to-reach communities

Pedestrian safety patrolling and assistance to places of safety

Escalation and resolution of non-compliance.

Memeza Track Record


Provinces Covered In South Africa


Number of Communities / Townships Covered Nationaly


Number of local SAPS stations & community policing forums partnered with


Number of escalations to date where action has been taken, based on non compliance at outlet level


Income oppertunities created & safety ambassadors trained through Liquor Projects to date


Outlets audited / surveyed for compliance, Nationally working with the Liquor Industry


Audits / Surveys copleted at outlet level working with the Liquor Industry ( Outlets visited more than once )


Pedestrians assisted to a place of safety, ensuting prevention of pedestrian fatalities, crime & GBV

What We Do For You

Memeza’s Role in project Implementations

Memeza helps manage and track the end to end escalation and resolution of non-compliant outlets
working with SAPS, CPF and local Liquor associations and boards.

Project Management, Analytics, Reporting & Financial Management

Supply, Management and Support of the Memeza Social Partners Mobile Reporting Application

Project Reporting and Analytics to Industry and Public partners

Human resources and stipend management, payments, and coordination

Management of patroller employment contracts, targets and all human resources aspects

Daily Coordination working with CPF Chairman’s and SAPS from all provinces to ensure action is taken in surveys outcomes

Training on technology and creating general awareness of the project goals, expectations to Ambassadors, CPF chairs SAPS

Managing the procurement and distribution of upliftment tools and PPE to CPF

Manage and ensure expectations of funders and stakeholders are communicated and actioned

Building relationships with teams on the ground and managing all operational challenges that could impact output of the project

Providing a full complement of dedicated project staff to ensure the success of the programme


AB In Bev



Technology we use to help deploy Liquor trader programmes.



Herewith we extend our appreciation to you and the Funders who have once again deemed it fit to include the cape flats safety forum from Mitchell's plain to be part of the 2022/23 liquor compliance programme.
It was indeed an honor and privileged to have represented you on this project .
We hope with future endeavours we will be included in any crime prevention initiatives

As UMlazi ambassadors in the Distel Project that has came to an end on the 26 February 2023. We appreciate the opportunity you gave us but more importantly the safety of our Communities and Alcohol Consumers/Users. We tried our best to remind and urged Outlets owners and all relevant people to do the right at all times. Our Communities benefitted a lot in this project. Hoping next time MEMEZA will remember our Communities again, we even wish that this is a life time project but hoping that you'll consider it going forward.

Yours sincerely Siphelele Goodenough MthembuUMlazi Community Police Forum.

Good afternoon everyone. I would like to take this opportunity to express my level of gratitude to the Memeza team for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate the work experience I got there, now I am 100% sure that my communication and listening skill have improved through this project. We experienced a lot of challenges including the loadshedding, crime and network but we overcame all those challenges to fulfill the purpose or goal of the project. Once again thank you so much, I so wish Memeza can continue with these good project in our communities because it played a big role.

Thank you so much Happy about project it helped a lot financially and overlook situations on our Bussiness industry also challenges we are facingOn behalf of Inanda CPF we thank a million and looking forward to other opportunities like this to our members.

Inanda CPF

Overall The project was good as it also gave the community a chance to have a say on the kind of drinking environment they want.

Nyanga CPF

The program was very good but is was kinder complicated from the beginning because of the challenges we were facing them in tarvens we were dealing with we were not trusted but now the tarvens the knows us because of our visibility in the outlets then now everything is on point and the thing of the alcohol consumption we trying by all means to do the work and we also wish it could be an extension of contract so that it can be sustainable in job recreation. Thank you.

East London