Improving Compliance in Nationally identified COVID Hot Spots.

At the end of 2020 with the rapid spread of COVID-19, MeMeZa was appointed as the Community based Project Deployment partner for the Community Safety and Support Programme, working in partnership with, Liquor Industry, The Civilian Secretariat for Police, SAPS and Community Policing Forums.

A national programme was launched that enabled the rapid audit of COVID Compliance in and around Liquor Outlets, Taxi Ranks and Malls, focussed on COVID hot spots.




The aim of this programme was to ensure improvement of COVID-19 Safety Protocols, reducing Gender Based Violence and improving Liquor Trader Compliance over the 2020 holiday period. Through this programme 1000 community ambassadors were provided with PPE, Safety tools, Training and an Income opportunity.

Through the use of a specially developed Social Partners Mobile Survey Application tool for these 1000 foot soldiers pro-actively audited non compliance, engaged with the public on improving COVID compliance, and if necessary automatically informed local Community Policing Forums and SAPS of serious non compliance.

The project ran over a 3 month period and was a major success with over 91 000 audits completed and 8 199 cases of non compliance escalated, which resulted in achieving a 75% overall average compliance achieved within a 4 week period, pre Level 3 lock down.

“Karen Kemp chairperson of Bethelsdorp CPF Eastern cape province: The project had an enormous impact on covid regulations and tavern and taxi compliance. Taverns became disciplined to the laws and regulations as well as taxis.

The impact it had on GBV and other crimes was remarkable because there was a drop. It also assisted to employ unemployed youth too. If projects like this could become permanent it would be appreciated and great. We appreciate that we were considered for the project. Thank you very much from our team at Bethelsdorp police station CPF”.

Keeping our Children’s future in Education safe

Since 2019, MeMeZa has been providing vulnerable schools in high crime areas with a very successful security model that allows schools to protect their ICT through live monitoring of ICT labs, and a pro-active response team in in partnership with Community Policing Forums, SAPS, The Eyes and Ears Project, Business Against Crime,  Bidvest Protea Coin and many other partners.

Through this very successful collaboration and partnership approach to combating the theft of educational ICT,  a 98% theft prevention success rate has been established and we have secured the socio Economic future of over 332 500 learners.

Connecting Communities through Safety Technology

“On the 17th of March, Lantana, the MeMeZa device played a huge role in saving a community members life. The community noticed a potential crime situation and asked the beneficiary of the Memeza alarm to press the panic button. At 23h40 the siren was activated and the whole community came to help.

The community went to the dwelling of the young boy suspected of being in trouble, and the mother sent them to neighbours to look for the boy. When the community members did not get any response from the boy in the room they forced the door open to find the boy hanged himself. The community acted in time to save the boys life.

Saving this youngsters life is thanks to the MeMeZa device that was installed. The Diepkloof Community and SAPS would like to send a word of thank you to the organisation who sponsored the MeMeZa alarms for our community.

The community response to this initiative is very positive and now we can inform our neighbours, family and friends very quick if we are in trouble”.