About Us

Who are we?

MeMeZa Shout Crime Prevention was founded in 2012 and specialise in providing affordable, innovative Connected Community Safety Technology, with a special focus on the most vulnerable people in society.

Through well-established industry partnerships, MeMeZa offers a first of its kind, public safety solution.

MeMeZa’s value proposition is based on enabling Private and Public Partnerships.

The Vision

MeMeZa‘s Vision is aligned to the National Development Plan on Safety -“By 2030, people living in South Africa should have no fear of crime.

Women, children and those who are Vulnerable should feel protected".

National Footprint

MeMeZa head office is based in Gauteng.

However our strong capabilities and proven delivery experience ensures that we deliver operational excellence
on a national level in all nine provinces, serving communities across South Africa.

Through community focussed projects MeMeZa provides technology and tools to vulnerable communities, enabled through Public and Private Partnerships, Corporate Social Responsibility and Enterprise Development Projects:

Educational ICT and School safety Technology and Asset Tracking

Youth Job Creation/Training Opportunities

Community based Research, Surveys and Environmental Analysis

Affordable, innovative safety technology, with a direct link to Family, Friends and Neighbours, Community Policing Forums and SAPS

Community Awareness Campaigns focussed on crime prevention

SAPS E-Policing and Pro-Activation Tools, assisting SAPS to respond to Crime

Empowerment and Assistance to Community Policing Forums

MeMeZa IT Infrastructure

Our Impact


Police stations have partnered


Community Policing Forums partnered


Small businesses safeguarded


Community based audits completed in 9 provinces


No-fee schools ICT and feeding schemes safeguarded