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South Africa: Centre for Public Service Innovation congratulates Memeza Shout PTY Ltd winner of the SA Premier Business SMME Award 2018


The Memeza Safety Programme empowers homeowners in low income residential areas through a network of smart passive alarms linked to SAPS sector policing vehicles, police stations, community policing forums and trusted neighbours. On activation SMSes are sent to preselected cell numbers alerting the police station and the CPF. A siren mounted outside the home alerts the broader community and repels intruders.

Innovations such as Memeza stimulate the economy and contribute to employment creation while solving serious service delivery challenges

The Memeza programme was successfully piloted in Diepsloot in 2015, by the CPSI in partnership with The Innovation Hub leading to a drop in the crime rate in areas where alarms were installed. It also resulted in the reduction of police response time from over 48 hours to 7 minutes.

Memeza is a social innovation that was initiated with the SAPS Honeydew Cluster, to have a wider impact in the fight against crime. Innovations such as Memeza stimulate the economy and contribute to employment creation while solving serious service delivery challenges,” said Nsizwa Dlamini – Project Manager, CPSI.

The success of this pilot led to the installation of smart passive alarm devices in 23 identified no-fee schools and vulnerable households in Gauteng, working in partnership with the Departments of Community Safety and Education.

To date 25 police stations have been connected to households and schools in Gauteng and North West Provinces.

Memeza and Namola Pilots in Diepsloot

Namola and Memeza Pilot Advert


Memeza Shout is the winner of the Govtech 2016 ICT Innovation and Service Transformation Provider Award!



The purpose of the Public Service ICT Awards is to provide a platform to recognise excellence acknowledge government institutions from all spheres of government who have utilised technology to improve the lives of all citizens.

During the last 3 years, Memeza working with The Centre for Public Service Innovation, SAPS and The Innovation Hub developed a Community Safety Alarm system, coupled with an Intelligent Back End Management system, which enables the police a direct link with community members, while capturing valuable crime related information. To prove the technology and working processes with SAPS and the potential impact on crime, through sponsors like Vodacom, SA Breweries, CPSI and The Lottery Board a pilot was launched in Diepsloot where 600 Memeza Community Alarm systems were deployed. The result of the pilot culminated in September 2015 when the National Crime Statistics suggested that Diepsloot was the only township area in Gauteng with a 9% decrease in murder rate and 26% reduction in sexual violence offences.

Memeza, is a National Top 40 Gazelle and geared for Private and Public Partnerships to allow for growth, thus ensuring fulfilment of their vision, as aligned with the National Development Plan goal: “by 2030, people living in South Africa should have no fear of crime. Women, children and those who are vulnerable should feel protected.”

Memeza CEO, Thuli Mthethwa: “Thank you to GovTech and to all our partners and sponsors who have been with us every step of the journey. Through our Public Private Partnership approach, and focusing on SAPS and CPF pro-activation and mobilizing of Communities, South Africa will be a safer place for our children to grow up in”


Memeza was the runner up finalist in the Management of Systems category for Emerging Enterprises in this years 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards.28 October 2016 – Da Vinci Media Release:


TT100 awards show innovation is alive and thriving in SA (Winner Announcement)

Memeza was the runner up finalist in the Management of Systems category for Emerging Enterprises in this years 2016 TT100 Business Innovation Awards.

In each category, awards were presented to the top emerging, small, medium and large companies.

Congrats Memeza!



19 July 2016 – Memeza a Top 40 National Gazelle!

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Memeza CEO, Thuli Mthethwa and Minister of Small Business Development, Lindiwe Zulu at the event that took place on the 19th of July 2016.

Memeza is excited to announce that we have been chosen as one of the Top 40 National Gazelles, as announced by the Minister of Small Business Development, Lindiwe Zulu. Selected from 1,700 applicants, the National Gazelles Top 40 are among South Africa’s most promising SMEs, with the potential to grow into significant players in their industry, create jobs, foster innovation and build value for South Africa.

.Memeza part of the Vodacom Change the World 2016 Team!!!!

CTW 2016

Vodacom Press-release

05 July 2016 – Vodacom Change the World stimulates a culture of volunteerism in SA

Today, Vodacom revealed 20 fascinating volunteers that will take part in the 2016 edition of Vodacom Change the World (VCtW), drawn from across South Africa’s nine provinces. These volunteers traded their jobs to plough back their skills in Non-Profit Organisations (NPO) for a year, to touch the lives of ordinary people and help bolster the good work NPO’s are doing in the country.

Change the World is part of Vodafone’s ‘World of Difference’ programme that is run in more than 19 countries across the globe. The initiative underscores the importance of partnerships between the private sector and NPOs in the pursuit of the common goal of building a better life for all. This is the 6th year that VCtW will be running in South Africa.

Maya Makanjee, Chief Officer Corporate Affairs at Vodacom explained that:

“We are proud of the work we’ve done in this country through the CtW programme to encourage and stimulate the culture of volunteerism. These 20 volunteers, including one Vodacom staff member have been selected from more than 5,000 entries. To show that we put our money where our mouth is, to date we’ve spent more than R35 million on project funds, salaries and grants to the NPOs.” This group will bring to a total of 82 volunteers who have been working at different charities across the country since 2010, delivering more than 100 projects. They are medical doctors, lawyers, marketers, social workers, psychologists and speech and occupational therapists. The work they will be doing for the next 12 months will impact people’s lives in areas such as Kliptown in Soweto, Khayelitsha in Cape Town, Mdantsane near East London, Upington, Hartswater, Hoedspruit and Sweetwaters, to mention a few.

 “The quality of candidates that this programme continues to attract shows that there are many South African professionals out-there who are yearning to invest their skills to transform local NPOs. VCtW was set out with this purpose in mind, for professionals to utilise their skills to reach-out to NPOs in order to turn them around so they can be sustainable and impactful,” Makanjee concluded.

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Maya Makanjee

SA News

Changing the world one person a time

Diepsloot – Before taking part in the Vodacom Change the World (CTW) volunteer programme, Thuli Mthethwa, from Diepsloot was a victim of crime but today her life has made a dramatic turnaround.

Mthethwa, the CEO of Memeza Shout Crime Prevention, is one of the 20 volunteers who were part of last year’s CTW.

Each year, Vodacom selects around 20 volunteers to work for a non-profit organisation (NPO) of their choice for 12 months. Vodacom provides funding to help volunteers with training, content and equipment of their projects. It also provides laptops and phones for the volunteers to help implement the programme.

For Mthethwa, the programme has made a huge change in her community through Memeza, which aims to ensure that the vulnerable have access to improved safety.

“Through Vodacom’s assistance, last year we were able to [install] 600 home alarm systems and distributed 2 000 personal alarm systems in the community,” said Mthethwa.

The alarm systems can be pressed in times of crisis. They can also send a silent panic signal in the form of a short message to the local police, community policing forum, street committees and neighbours.

“Before the Vodacom programme, I was a victim of crime and hurt but today I’m a changed person and feel safe in my community. Thanks to Vodacom for giving us the strength to go and do something for our communities,” said Mthethwa.

On Tuesday, Vodacom welcomed 20 CTW volunteers for 2016/17 at an event held at Diepsloot Youth Centre.

The Chief Officer of Vodacom Corporate Affairs and Chairperson of the Vodacom Foundation, Maya Makanjee, said through the CTW, Vodacom is using technology to make a difference in small communities.

Social Development Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu thanked the volunteers for the work they have done in their communities. She said by participating in the programme, they have started to write their own legacy.

“Our greatness will be determined by the lives we’ve managed to touch, not by the zeros in our bank accounts. Save the world, honour it well and appreciate the communities you have an honour to interact with because they are the ones who will determine your greatness,” Deputy Minister Bogopane-Zulu told the volunteers.

New volunteer Angelina Smith, from the Knysna Education Trust in Western Cape, said she would set up a training college for pre-school teachers in Knysna, where they will do level four and five courses, as required by the Social Development Department.

“After 12 months, I would like to see accredited level four and five teachers that feel that they have accredited training and graduated from the course that I have presented …” said Smith. –


Economic Indaba

CEO of Memeza, Thuli Mthethwa caught up with Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on the progress that Memeza is making in securing the most vulnerable people of South Africa.

Premier David Makhura pledge support of Memeza projectsPremier David Makhura pledged his support of Memeza Shout Crime Prevention Projects in ‪#‎GautengSOPA‬ 2016: “We are committed to build safe and secure communities through strengthening relations between communities and the police. In this regard, we will support the Memeza Community Police Alarm system developed by Ms Thuli Mthethwa. This innovation was developed at the The Innovation Hub in order to find solutions to some of our community policing challenges. It is currently being piloted in Diepsloot where it has made a big difference.” “Madame Speaker we are committed to building safer communities and we will do everything to ensure that the Gauteng City is safer!”


Premier David Makura visits The Innovation Hub to have a look at the Memeza solution to fighting crime.

Gauteng Online Article - Premier David Makura visits The Innovation Hub and is impressed by the Memeza solution.


Star article

Saturday Star, 3 October – Safe at last from predatory thugs!







Vumani Mkhize | Diepsloot bucked the grim crime stats trend after a pilot project seen the installation of alarms in over 500 households and the murder rate dropping by 9%.

The Diepsloot towniship alarm system indicates a reduction in criminal activities.

The alarm system was installed in 500 households in the township, in the north of Johannesburg.

The Mameza community alarms was launched last year to help eliminate crime and violence. The alarm is said to be connected to the police, notifying households if there are any intruders in their homes. The alarm also has a silent panic button to notify police, local patrols and neighbours if there might be any suspected crime taking place. The alarms were distributed to RDP houses and shack owners.

Meanwhile Gauteng has seen the biggest increase in murder by 10% compared to last year, it is reported that Diepsloot has shown a 9% descrease.

It is a replacement to the old whistle community method. Memeza Community Alarm system is available at an affordable price of R1500.00 for installation with the payment subscription of R99.00 per month.

Diepsloot: A beacon of hope in light of high crime stats

While the whole country is reeling from the latest high stats, a glimmer of light has been shone to bring us some hope.

Diepsloot has seen a 9% reduction in murder crime as a result of the home alarm system connected to the police installed in over 500 households. The Memeza home alarms offer a holistic approach to crime prevention.

702’s John Robbie spoke to Founder of Memeza Shout Crime Prevention, Thuli Mthethwa about how she came about the idea and how it has helped reduce crime in Diepsloot.

Primedia Broadcasting

Diepsloot closes in on crimeDiepsloot closes in on crime
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Click here to see an EWN video of

the Memeza Shout Crime Prevention system.



Rekord Heidelberg_Memeza Article

Security for the people

CNBC Africa
Published on May 29, 2014
Security in rural areas is still a large concern across the continent, but one Gauteng woman has used technology to turn
this into an opportunity. The Memeza Women Empowerment Project has developed a small yet simple safety alarm that alerts the community to new crimes and helps the police with their patrols, and all for less than R100.

The first public alarm system in South Africa

ANN7 News Channel 105
“The first public alarm system in South Africa aimed at bridging the gap between households and the police sector will soon be launched across the country. Diepsloot has long obtained the dubious distinction of being crime prone. In a bid to make a change, Memeza Crime Prevention NPO, a non-governmental organization that fight crime with the police donated 2000 alarms