Schools and Educational ICT Safety Solution

South Africa has a serious challenge with theft on Educational ICT, specifically in public schools in human settlements where private security industry does not operate and affordability is a challenge. Memeza is a Social Enterprise who provides innovative, affordable technology that helps these vulnerable schools protect educational ICT, providing a direct link to Community Policing Forums, the local Community and Schools response network and the South African Police Services. Memeza’s value proposition is based on enabling Private and Public Partnerships coming together to make a safer South Africa.

Through Memeza’s Social Enterprise we can assist schools through various types of partnerships: Government Funded Projects, Corporate Social Responsibility Projects, Enterprise Development Projects or Schools can purchase the products direct from Memeza.
Memeza has 3 innovative products, developed working in partnership with Government and Private sector to address the challenges of educational ICT Theft in the most vulnerable schools.

Community Alarm

At the press of a panic button, either on the console or using a remote control, sms’s are sent to everyone pre-configured on the Memeza back end system, customized per school. The SMS includes the following details: School Name, Class room number or identifier, Key contact numbers, Location, Type of panic (Police, Medical or Fire)


In addition to the Memeza Community Policing Alarm, the MeMeCam provides a simple but effective way to have a 24x7 view into the Computer Lab and ICT store rooms. The compact, mobile and easily hidden video recording alarm system is small and flexible enough to install anywhere where ICT is stored. A user friendly mobile application allows you to receive alerts on detection of humanoids, voices or sound, with a live video feed available at all times for easy viewing and validation of crime situations.

ICT Asset Tracking


Deployment of a Laptop, Server and Smartboard tracking solutions provide schools the ability to know the exact location of all educational laptops, and be notified if laptops move outside of the predefined geo-fence set up for the school.

24X7 Monitoring centre

Memeza can also provide schools with an affordable 24x7 live video monitoring service, where Memeza monitoring agents will have eyes on your valuable educational ICT equipment at all times, and on validation of a crime alerts the local Community Policing Forum members, Patrollers, surrounding community response members and South African Police services.

Please contact Memeza for information on the various packages available to help ensure the safety of our children’s Educational ICT.