Memeza & Google


 In November 2018, the Memeza Project won the Google Peoples’ Choice Award in the Google Impact Challenge with the aim to support a community safety focused project to be deployed in a high crime human settlement.This project aim is to deploy E-Policing Technology and other interventions in vulnerable Human Settlements to help improve SAPS service delivery, uplift the CPF, reduce crime and bring the community closer to their support structures.The 2 areas identified by VISPOL, Civilian Secretariat of Police, Provincial Commissioner and Gauteng Community Policing Board for the deployment of this project is Mamelodi East and Hammanskraal.
The current scope of the project include:
   A)14 Local Youth Jobs Created in the community (including training and certification);
   B) 500 Vulnerable Households/Small Business and Schools receiving Memeza Community Alarm Systems, with direct link to surrounding communities and SAPS, CPF;
   C) 8000 Vulnerable Individuals receiving Memeza tangible safety technology to use on the road (walking or traveling);
   D) 10 x Solar Street lights
   E) Shack Colour code painting
   F) 50 Community Policing Patrollers empowered through training and tools to respond to crime;

 1 Police station (all members) trained and linked to Memeza alarm systems - empowered to improve response times; and
The project is currently in the Research and Baseline Phase.