Who are we

MeMeZa Shout Crime Prevention was started in 2012 and we specialize in providing affordable innovative Connected Community Safety Technology, with a special focus on the most vulnerable people in society. Through well-established industry partnerships MeMeZa offer a first of its kind, public safety solution. MeMeZa’s value proposition is based on enabling Private and Public Partnerships.


A big thank you to SAPS, the Centre for Public Service Innovation, The Innovation Hub and The National Secretariat for Police Services for supporting the Memeza project from the start, and our Sponsors, HPE, Vodacom, SAB-Inbev, Telkom for being there for the Project, our Communities and No Fee Paying Schools all the way!!!.



Memeza Premier Award

Winner of the 2016 ICT Public Service Awards


A top 40 National Gazelle


Finalist in the 2016 TT100 Management of Systems for Emerging Enterprise


Our Mission

MeMeZa’s mission is promoting community safety by ensuring participation and cohesion of communities, through the use of connected, smart safety technology. In short, we are about bringing people together and mobilizing communities in time of need. We focus on low income communities, and our aim is to provide these vulnerable communities with a interconnected solution addressing core Safety and Connectivity challenges, which will ultimately result in a positive socio economic impact.

What do we do?

We provide vulnerable people and communities access to affordable, smart safety solutions, with an additional value add off a direct link to SAPS and Community Policing Structures.

For the 1st time, Government and The South African Police Services has a direct link into communities and households, taking Government and SAPS into the heart of peoples homes.

Crime statistics, with key information on a subscriber level derived from the MeMeZa back end system provide the Private and Public Sector with valuable data and a validated view on crime in South Africa.

Through the MeMeZa technology and methodology, the ability to improve front line service delivery is certainly achievable.

Our aim is to ensure the vulnerable has access to tangible tools that will ensure their safety, we achieve this by partnering with the Private and Public sector to raise funds and find ways to protect the people of South Africa.

How do we fight crime?

COMMUNITY based approach to crime eradication: Our core value and differentiator is defined by our belief in a community based approach towards eradicating crime, specifically in the lower income community and township setup. We believe that empowering communities to self-police, through deploying tailor made tangible security solutions, with a direct link to SA Police and Community Policing Forums will eradicate and even eliminated crime. We believe in providing security measures in and outside the home, to ensure that at all times, family, friends, SAPS and CPF can be notified in case of emergency. Ultimately, the whole community works together to provide a safer environment for their loved ones.

Fighting crime through AWARENESS: Providing tangible security solutions is not enough to fight crime in today’s world. Alongside all MeMeZa deployments of tangible security tools, we provide awareness campaigns and counselling services, addressing topics such as Bullying, Gender Based Violence and Crime Prevention. It is imperative that the vulnerable are aware of the dangers of the world and understand what measures to take to protect themselves.

Strengthening communities through JOB CREATION: MeMeZa’s focus is on vulnerable communities, ensuring that the Poorest of the Poor and the most vulnerable people in our country can lead safe and fulfilling lives. Community empowerment through job creation is a key strategy for MeMeZa, and we believe in providing business opportunities to members of the communities we work in. MeMeZa therefore provide SME opportunities which includes: Resellers, Installers, Maintenance Services.

Our Products

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